Warehouse Management System

Warehouse operations are the nerve center of the supply chain, providing accuracy and high visibility of inventory, responsive and flexible distribution networks, product information and superior levels of customer service.
More than just a place for storing products or materials, warehouses are becoming controlling systems which are essentially high-level demand fulfillment centers that must respond to increasingly sophisticated and complex customer requirements such as
• unique packaging
• compliance labeling
• special deliveries.

Exactus provides a high degree of operations configuration to address customer-specific demands as well as adapting to different environments such as mass merchandising, business-to-business or home delivery.

Exactus is a proven platform that helps you achieve
• optimum storage space utilization
• accurate stock detail
• efficient customer service
• centralized control
• systems management,
• traceability of stock across multiple sites
•  efficient utilization of resources.

Support Interfaces to
•Pick to Light
•Pack to Light
•RF Mobile