Systems Integration

Due to rapid advances in technology environment, business has now various opportunities to extend the reach and enhance the market size. However with all these advantages of the information age, organizations are also experiencing new TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION to their business critical information. On top of that, in today’s dynamic and fast changing IT environment, most of the organizations find it challenging to address the needs themselves. Organizations are now looking at information integration as an integral part of their organization's overall IT and business plan. They are looking for partners which can help them in this transformation process to plan, design and implement a proactive, enterprise-wide integration strategy that aligns with their overall business objectives.
Over the years, Exactus technical team has earned immense experience in technology integration on multiple platforms. Logistics domain demands integration with third party application for seamless information flow for fast and complex task execution. Exactus has ready connectors to major prominent ERP’s in the world. The robust available connectors can integrate to non-popular application/home grown systems with ease and efficiency.