Solutions Overview

Exactus is a set of tightly integrated, highly configurable and easy-to-use supply chain solutions encompassing Warehousing/ Distribution, Transportation, Freight Management and ERP/Finance for the 2PL and 3PL industry. Exactus integrates the core logistics, fulfillment center and warehouse management functions in an easy to use and deploy package that provides real-time visibility of your operations to help you optimize your supply chain and warehouse processes and consistently drive flawless order fulfillment and delivery for total customer satisfaction. By providing an improved view of operations, Exactus enables your managers to make informed decisions for efficient utilization and movement of resources including space, inventory, equipment and personnel.

Exactus addresses all the corporate as well as third party logistics (3PL) requirements and offers both traditional warehouse management as well as flow-through functionality for receiving and shipping products directly, without physically storing them in the warehouse. State of the art radio frequency and bar coding technologies are integrated with the core logistics and warehousing functionality of Exactus to address all key business requirements including order management, receiving, quality control, putaway, picking, replenishment, shipping, counts, returns, location and storage management, and related warehouse task management. Exactus is available as a client/server system as well as with a web-deployed front end based on Appeon Server. The web-enabled version provides faster deployment, seamlessly integrates with other systems and allows remote user access. Our solutions fully conform to de facto requirements and emerging technology standards including XML, EIA, UCC, FDA.
The Supply Chain product suite is made up of the following modules, and all of them are fully integrated with the core WMS system. Essentially, there are 5 different applications but all seamlessly integrated into a single product, with a single interface, and single sign‐on. Moreover, each product/module can also be run stand‐alone.