Interactive Web Portal

Today’s demand driven business climate requires you to be able to proactively manage events in real-time. No matter which time zone or part of the world you may be in, it is becoming imperative for you to coordinate and synchronize key business processes with your partners.

Exactus Trading Partner Management System (TPM) is a secure web-based interface that can extend the supply chain capabilities to your trading partners by allowing them to share key business information. Real-time visibility into orders, shipments and flow of inventory through supply chain facilities can be realized from anywhere in the world using a simple web browser. Inbound and outbound processes, including purchase orders (POs), bar-coded shipping labels and advance ship notices (ASNs), can be easily managed electronically via web.

With this system, replenishments can be proactively managed to ensure that shrinkage, inventory levels and stock obsolescence is minimized, stock-outs and safety stocks are reduced and unexpected delays are decreased. Real-time collaboration between your facilities and partner network enables you to gain higher visibility and tighter control in such key areas and challenges related to demand, safety stocks, shipment status, exceptions, material shortages, receipt acknowledgments and discrepancies.
Exactus can seamlessly support purchase order tracking, shipment tracking, including shipment status, delivery timeframes and short/over shipments, reorder point threshold monitoring and receipt acknowledgments.Leveraging the event and exception management capabilities of Exactus TPM, you can improve cycle times, reduce shortages, minimize inventory costs and significantly increase visibility