Insight is a tool for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for driving the operations. The latest Introduction which have rolled out is called ""EXACTUS INSIGHT"" a platform which will enable to drive your operations / business in the way you desire. The controlling parameter are displayed on a Television and complete operations can be monitored. Major drivers like sales and revenue can be popped through our Mobile Application. Fluctuating fuel costs, import/export restrictions and challenges and thin profit margins needs timely and swift business decision making.
Our Insight will drive the operations by adding visibility in two angles a) Floor – through Television Display. b) Smart Phone.
Business logic shall pop out through mobile apps which help to monitor the business on hourly basis from wherever you are.
Insight can support you in increasing the productivity and help you in driving the business. Insight will be web centric and the decision makers can get all the required information on the finger tips at the touch of a button so that the important business decision is taken.
Insight goes beyond visibility of stages of operations so that we can track the efficiency of the operations from one place.
Insight users can decide how to distribute the services by determining the correct mix of centralized and decentralized execution for their supply chain design