Freight Management System

"FMS is a comprehensive multi-modal logistics solution for efficiently managing the complex transport operations, from loading and manifest creation through to the delivery sequences.
Exactus FMS addresses all the requirements of air, sea and land freight operations related to import, export and trans-shipment as well as road transport pickup and dispatch operations. These include order, customer and tariff management, job costing, document preparation and on-line shipment tracking/tracing with complete audit trace for delivery confirmation. Exactus FMS is fully integrated with WMS, Finance and Transportation Management System allowing efficient scheduling and alignment of warehousing operations with planned transport vehicle movements, thereby ensuring that asset and capacity utilization is maximized.
The FMS system provides high visibility into orders with instant real-time information available at your fingertips, including order and pricing details, service options, shipment tracking by order number, carrier, date and customer and proof of delivery. Optional performance and cost analytics business intelligence data models are also available for monitoring the business performance and further improving global asset and freight visibility. Exactus FMS facilitate for the management of Freight, Import or Export by Air, Sea or Road.
Key features of the system include: • Supports multimodal (air, sea and land) operations for individual and consolidated jobs. Intuitive user interface facilitates accessing relevant information instantly for order, customer and tariff management with a mouse click. • On-line shipment tracking/tracing with complete audit trace for delivery confirmation. • Comprehensive solution for multi-company, multi-location, multicurrency and multi-service provider operations. • Facilitates to create relevant documents like packing list, Cargo Arrival Notice, Commercial Invoice, Instruction for Dispatch of goods ( IDG ) etc. • Facilitate to account all income , buying cost and brokerage for a BL to invoice • Improve global supply chain efficiency and visibility. • Improve pricing and margin analysis and increase overall profitability "