Aware Integration

Aware Integrates with all industry standards including firewalls, single sign-on systems, encryption systems (SSL) and digital certificates.


The open application framework of Exactus applications lends itself to easily adapt the product to country/region specific requirements, incorporate local processes, cater to Free‐Zone specific requirements and provide customer‐specific customization, without infringing on Product version and release control or introducing any incompatibility with the Core Products. Whilst enforcing a set of best practice processes, the Exactus products can easily adapt to customer specific business processes, rather than the other way around.
User Configurable rules (rule‐driven functionality does not require source code modification) and configurable business process workflows are included. Can call COM objects, executables, DLLs command/batch files.

The Exactus Universal Data Interchange Hub provides seamless integration with most ERP Applications. EDI, XML and flat file interfaces are supported and several applications have already been seamlessly interfaced with Exactus at the logic and database level, and not just to external files. Regionally, Exactus has already been integrated with such applications as Scala, Synthesis, Oracle e-Business Suite, Orion, etc.
Exactus EDI integration includes advanced error detection and resolution features and allows manual or automatic correction of errors through on‐line exception processing, with subsequent reprocessing of single or multiple orders automatically.
Several EDI transmissions are supported including customer sales orders, acknowledgments to/from customers and vendors, invoices, ASNs (advanced ship notices) to/from customers and vendors, AR payments and remittance advice, vendor purchase orders and carrier shipment status to name a few.
Exactus Enterprise Application integration framework allows you to easily communicate with customers and trading partners, without the need for expensive VAN‐to‐EDI costs.

Exactus Intelligence is an “out‐of‐the‐box” business intelligence solution encompassing Dashboards, Metrics/KPIs, Ad‐hoc querying, Analysis and Reporting functionality based on world‐class QlikView engine with Associative logic built in..
Senior Management gets more visibility into the business via Graphs, Gauges, Charts, etc. IT/Power users can create their own reports with simple clicks of mouse button.
Leverage pre‐built Rapid Deployment Templates to access, analyze, explore and share corporate data.
Understand trends and key business drivers by having data presented in a business context.
Find answers to “what, where, when and why” questions by slicing and dicing data to gain new insights and drilling down from top to bottom for more detail.
In addition to hundreds of pre‐built reports, benefit from pre‐built best practice analytics and Key Performance Indicators with guided root cause analysis.